Alelele welelewo


This genre is typical in wedding ceremonious. When the wedding party members (kxan) arrive the bride’s family village, young ladies and adults women accept them paying singing wedding songs, but soon shift to singing Alelele welelewo which is aimed at evaluating the behavior of the boy, his attitude to the would-be in-laws, his friends or other extended family members, or neighbors, and the villagers where he comes form. Everything that pertains to the expected, traditional care-taking of assumed due to the girl’s family are assessed, in view showing their satisfaction, dissatisfaction missing expected actions, etc. The boys who came to fetch the bride then try to defend the bridegroom, or his family, as well as other parties who become just the targets of that type of song. If the Allele welelewo singing women and the girl’s praise, the boys also respond praising them also, and the turn taking continues until the dance is changed into Sissies, eventually also to change to Golia, Wessomia, and other wedding songs pertinent to that event