The Blin Language in North East Africa Vienna 1882

This is a grammar of the Blin Language written by Leo Reinisch in 1882. It is written in Blin and German texts, as a part of another book called Sitzungsberichte der Philosophischen Classe der Kaiserlichen, Akademie der Wissenschaften (page 583-718). Read more...




Gospel of Mark in the Bilin or Bogos Language, Vienna 1882.

The Gospel of Mark in the Blin or Bogos Language (90 pages) was written by Prof. Leo Reinisch for the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1882. Read more...




Text of Blin Language by Leo Reinisch Leipzig 1883

Text of Blin Language (322 pages) was written by Prof. Leo Reinisch in 1883. The main body of this book consists of historical traditions of Bogos and animal fables narrated by the Blin people themselves, and presented both in Blin and German languages. Such stories and fables are serving to the present Blin generation as a link to their past. At the end of the book, Leo Reinisch presented some Bible stories written in Blin, in the Geez Script. Read more...




The Bilin Language by Leo Reinisch

Dictionary of Blin Language, Vienna 1887

This is a Blin German dictionary, written by Prof. Leo Reinisch in 1887. The book has about 3500 words (426 pages), with explanations and comparable words in many languages like Geez, Tigrigna, Tigre, Amharic, Arabic, Agaw and others. Read more...








 ISBN 91-630-1297-9

 March 1992

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 April 1992

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Idris Abubeker (PhD) 2018. History of Blin, Past and Present (in Arabic)


History of Blin

Past and Present (Arabic)


ደለምዳዅ፡ / ኢድሪስ ኣቡበከር

By Dr. Idris Abubeker


Published in Algeria 2018

ISBN: 978-9931-347-27-9




ደለምዳዅ፡ ተዓገስ ዑቍባገርጊሽ ክፍለ

Teages Okubagergish Kifle

February 2020

Toffen Switzerland





ደለምዳዅ፡ዮሴፍ ዳዊት

Josiph Dawit

August 8, 2020

Stockholm, Sweden






ደለምዳዅ፡መሱና-ብሊና ጋብዲ ዓዳትዲር መቅሪሕ-ኡፕሳላ

ጠፍሕደው፡ዓውተና ፍስሃ፡ ሃይሉ ኣዳላ፡ ብርሃነ ኣልመዶም

ISBN 978-91-519-1937-9

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