Stockholm Blin Language Conference in 2015.


01. The role of Radio in revitalization of Blin language. Abdu Mohammed 2015.


02.  Leo Reinisch and his contribution to the development of Blin Language and its Writing System. Tekie Alibekit 2015


03.  The Registration of Blin in Unicode Standard. Tekie Alibekit 2015.


04.  Blin Communities and their role in Diaspora and Back Home. Teclu Ogbamichael 2015.


05.  State responsibilty Vs Indegenous and Minority rights. Medhanie Habtezghi 2015.


06.  A Possible Letter from Michael Gaber to the Blin People (in Tigrigna). Wolde-Yesus Ammar 2015