The photo gallery includs both collections of photographs (pictures) and art works (paintings, handicrafts, etc.). It is fascinating to show the present generation, how their ancestors looked like, what kind of hair style and cloths they had, about hundred years ago. Some photographs of Blin people, mostly of Blin girls, are available from the early 1900s. The Blin girls were known for their beauty and the Italian colonial forces in Eritrea were very eager to take their pictures. Some times the Italians were forcing the Blin girls to open their breasts for a photo. This was in contradiction with their Blin tradition and the pictures presented here will respect that tradition.  Every house hold of the Blin people, especially those who live in the rural areas is a craft work of their own. Pictures of such decorated hand works will be presented. Works of contemporary arts like of Fetsum Woldezghi and Futru Samra will also be displayed. The Blin Language Forum needs the cooperation of all interested people on collecting and providing this website with the aforementioned materials. 




      Handworks (handicrafts)


      Arts (paintings