Interview with Dr. Kiflemariam Hamde, 2000, Latin scripts for writing Blin language (Tigrinya).

     Prof. Kiflemariam Hamde (Sept 03, 2022), Presentation on Documenting Blin Language and Cultural Practices (English).

     Ona and Besikdira Massacre 49th Aniversary. Discussion with Dr.Kiflemariam Hamde and Tekie Albekit on Kabod Mo TV.

     Beskdira Massacre 50th Anniversary Commemoration. 

     Ona Massacre 50th Anniversary Commemoration. 

     Blina Megrih-First Conference of Blin Community Association in Diaspora 31.10.2020 

     50th Anniversary Commemoration of Ona and Basikdira Massacres, by B.C.A.D and RBJ – Blina Meqrih Diaspora -28.11.20. 

     Panel Discussion on the Current Development in the Horn of Africa (Blina Meqrih Diaspora- 20.12.20). 

     50th Anniversary of Besikdira and Ona Massacres. Erisat interview with Dr. Kiflemarialm Hamde. 

     50th Anniversary of Ona Massacre. Erisat Interview with Bahlbi Tekle. 

     Discussion about daberi with daberi founders on Jabraya media. 

     Pictures of daberi on Jabraya Media announcement.

     Blin Paltalk Recordings.

     Recorded interviews related to Blin culture and history.